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Criw Cymraeg

We are the Criw Cymraeg of St Padarns school! Each of us was voted by our class to be members of the Criw Cymraeg.  Our aim is to get children speaking lots of Welsh through hosting lots of fun activities, assemblies and a club.

As the Criw Cymraeg, we have a responsibility to help improve Welsh in our school. We encourage pupils and staff to use Welsh as often as possible! Recently, we have been holding weekly Welsh assemblies where the ‘patrwm yr wythnos’ (pattern of the week) is taught, changing the Welsh working wall display, running the weekly fruit stall and preparing for an initiative called Welsh Wednesdays whereby each class now has a bag of Welsh resources that go out to the playground and the children can chat, play games and complete Welsh activities during the break times. We have even bought a portable sound system so we will be able to have Welsh music playing this week!

Diolch am ddarllen am ein Criw Cymraeg | Thank you for reading about our Criw Cymraeg.

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