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When the Foundation Phase pupils are ready they will start to bring a reading book home from school. We use two different styles in school to teach reading; some books are the ‘look and say’ type where the child will learn to recognise by sight high frequency words such as look, here, in, yes; the other type of books will be phonic based and as the children start to learn the sound that the letter symbol makes they may start to read phonetic books, for example Sam is on a mat (all words can be ‘sounded out’).

Parental support at this early stage of reading is vitally important. We will work closely with you to support your child, but when they bring their reading book home please listen to them, help them with words they don’t yet know, and let us know how they are getting on by putting a comment in the reading record.

Most important is to develop a love of books in your child, so even before they start to learn to read, you can be reading to them. Ask questions about the story to develop understanding and comprehension, for example, what do you think may happen next, why do you think he said that, where do you think she is going etc. A bedtime story is a very special time to share with your child when you are both relaxed. If you need to borrow some story books from school please let us know.

If you want any help or support in developing your child’s reading please speak to your child’s class teacher.