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As we follow in Jesus' footsteps, we grow in faith, love and learning
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Mission Statement, Aims and Motto

Our Mission Statement is:

As we follow in Jesus’ footsteps, 

we grow in faith, love and learning.


To enable us to live our Mission Statement, we aim:
1. To follow in Jesus’ footsteps and grow in our faith together as we develop a deeper relationship with God and with others.
2. To provide an atmosphere of warmth, care and love for the children to grow in independence and self-belief. Plus, we aim to provide an environment which encourages respect, courtesy and sensitivity towards others and inspires children to respond positively to people in need.
3. To provide an integrated curriculum, which develops the spiritual, intellectual, social, physical, emotional, aesthetic, ethical and moral potential of each child.
4. To provide a rich, stimulating environment, where the children will be encouraged to discover their gifts and strengths plus develop enquiring minds for study and a great enthusiasm for life.
5. To keep open dialogue between home, school and parish plus encourage involvement with the wider community.


Our motto is: 

One Heart and One Soul

[Cor unum et anima una]

 The words of our motto embody our core beliefs and guide our school community. We wear it on our school badge, and in doing so we remind ourselves of its meaning every single day.