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Cymraeg Campus

The Criw Cymraeg aims to promote the Welsh language and the Cymreictod (Welsh ethos) of our school. As a result, we have already achieved our Bronze Language Charter award; it really was a whole school effort but we are so proud that we achieved this and are excited to work towards our Silver target!

Please see our school webpage about Cymreictod to keep up to date with our latest activities!

To achieve our Silver Award, we are thinking about:

  • Adults and Children using incidental Welsh within school, throughout all areas
  • Launching a Welsh after school club (Clwb Cymru Cŵl)
  • Starting a siop ffrwythau
  • Collaborating with other schools – we started with Llanon and hope to work with another school soon!
  • Entering a new competition in the Urdd Eisteddfod every year

We are really looking forward to reaching our target of the Silver Award, so please use Welsh whenever you can and encourage your child to do so too!! Ewch amdani!


Here are some of the things we did to achieve our Bronze Target:

Bingo Afternoon

Welsh ‘bakeathon’ where parents and teachers competed against one another

We started having an Eisteddfod Dydd Gwyl Dewi every year.

We competed in the Urdd in a number of stages and art competitions ; we won 1st prize for the Parti Unsain!

We learnt lots of new Welsh songs with hymn practise on Wednesday afternoons and choir at lunchtime.